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Where Every Home Tells a Unique Tale

Experience a harmonious blend of sustainability, innovation, and aesthetics as we redefine the way you live. Enriching lives, one home at a time.

Innovate, Transform, Thrive

Aiky Store is a comprehensive lifestyle store that enhances the quality of life through a range of innovative and smart home products.

These products cater to various aspects of home living, from energy efficiency and sustainability to comfort and convenience. Experience the transformative power of an integrated ecosystem that brings together the best of technology, design, and sustainability.

Our Product range:

  • Bed & Bath and Home linen

  • Home & Personal gadgets

  • Home decor & deco lamps

  • Modular furniture and utilities

  • Kitchenware and accessories

  • Gardening and Eco Living

Our Vision

Enriching lives through spaces that resonate with warmth, style, & functionality, aimed to promote smart & sustainable lifestyles.

Our Mission

To be a trusted name synonymous with quality, innovation & ethical business practices where we all learn, earn and thrive together.

Our Values

Our Approach

Uphold integrity, foster innovation, embrace sustainability, deliver quality, prioritize consumers, educate society & promote collaborations.

Infusing homes with a touch of magic by creating a symphony of thoughtful design, cutting-edge technology, and eco-conscious practices.


अनुकूलित | ਅਨੁਕੂਲਿਤ | অপ্টিমাইজ

అనుకూలపరుస్తుంది | अनुकूल | ವಿಶ್ವಾಸಾರ್ಹ


मूल्यवान | ਕੀਮਤੀ | মূল্যবান

విలువైనది | मौल्यवान | ಬೆಲೆಬಾಳುವ


समर्थ | ਸਮਰੱਥ | সক্ষম

సమర్థుడు | सक्षम | ಸಮರ್ಥ

black flat screen computer monitor
black flat screen computer monitor

How our products are designed?


समृद्धि | ਖੁਸ਼ਹਾਲੀ | সমৃদ্ধি

శ్రేయస్సు | समृद्धी | ಸಮೃದ್ಧಿ


संधारणीयता | ਸਥਿਰਤਾ | স্থায়িত্ব

స్థిరత్వం | टिकाव | ಸಮರ್ಥನೀಯತೆ


निपुणता | ਕੁਸ਼ਲਤਾ | দক্ষতা

సమర్థత | कार्यक्षमता | ದಕ್ಷತೆ

What our products promotes ?

man holding incandescent bulb
man holding incandescent bulb

Brands that matter, because you matters to us!

Our group of brands is committed to enhancing your quality of life and ensuring utmost comfort, all while exuding an air of elegance. We understand the importance of creating products that not only serve a functional purpose but also add a touch of sophistication to your daily routines. Whether it is our home essentials or personal care items, we strive to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

white teacup filled with coffee
white teacup filled with coffee

Explore our featured collection curated just for you

We understand that everyone has their own unique style and taste, so we have handpicked a selection of the finest items to suit a variety of preferences. Whether you're looking for timeless classics or the latest trends, our collection has something for everyone.